About Us

Why should you choose Jazzyl?

The Sunbrella product used by Jazzyl Cover Designs is one of a kind, as is our customer service. All our covers are measured, sewn, alterered, and installed professionally on the premises. We don’t make products that are one size fits all. Our covers are of the highest quality materials and we back them up with a 3 year full warranty. We will design all of your outdoor covers as promised and will keep at it until you are completely satisfied! Contact us now for a free estimate!





History of Jazzyl Cover Designs

Jazzyl Cover Designs was born from it’s sister company Solar Shades & More. Solar Shades & More was established in 2003 catering primarily to the RV community. The company’s first years were geared specifically to making solar shade window coverings same day and on site. Solar Shades & More is one of few shade companies that manufacture custom RV shades at your doorstep.

During this time, the large demand for outdoor fabric covers in these RV communities became apparent. Because the manufacturing of outdoor covers was very similar to that of the solar shade window covers, the decision to add the new product line was an easy one. Sunbrella material is rolled out, cut, sewn, altered and, as a result, a custom tailored product is created. All Sunbrella outdoor materials have been used and tested in the toughest of climates.Jazzyl Cover Designs was soon developed in order to provide outdoor covers outside of the RV communuties.

At Jazzyl Cover Designs, we can make custom covers for just about everything outdoors. We are committed to giving our clients the highest quality outdoor fabric, UV protected materials, commercial-grade sewing and long lasting products. We use Sunbrella-made awning fabrics, which offer the largest selection of colors, UV resistance, water resistance and durability of any outdoor material available today. We also use all-weather hardware and UV coated treads. We stand behind our workmanship and warranty our products for a period of three (3) years. Jazzyl Cover Designs currently operates independent of it’s sister company Solar Shades & More. (If interested in Rv sunshades go to www.mesolarshades.com)