Outdoor Kitchen Covers

One of the most important pieces of an outdoor space is the exterior kitchen area. The designs are endless and now seem to be bigger in size than ever. There is no cover on the market that comes ready-made for such a “customized” piece. Your outdoor kitchen is one-of-a-kind and so is the custom cover we build for it. Your outdoor kitchen cover, when on, appear as if it is one large piece, but in fact, it is a carefully thought out convertible. This allows for easy removal and storing. Our covers come with sewn-in insulation to protect your appliance controls. We design our covers to fit over and around your faucets, fixed lighting, burners, electric glass stove tops and much more. Our covers are installed using button snaps, sewn-in weight bags and grommets. Each and every cover is double stitched and all corners are reinforced with double layers. Jazzyl’s covers will help keep your outdoor kitchen beautiful for years to come. We haven’t found a job yet that we couldn’t install.

At Jazzyl Cover Designs, we stand by our craftmanship by providing a 3 year guarantee on all of our covers.

Before & After Photos